MSNBC Gives Netscape Bug Reporting an 'F'

Monday July 26th, 1999

Ben Gertzfield writes, "Get this -- MSNBC is grading different corporations on how good their public bug-tracking systems are.

And, of course, being a MS-run site, they give Netscape an F because they couldn't find bugzilla.

How sad. Netscape is the ONE corp that's good enough to make all of its bugs totally public AND release their bug-tracking software as open source software, and MSNBC has to pull a stunt like this. See the article link for the exact text."

To find out about the quality of a company's bug reporting system, they do a search on "bug".

#20 MSNBC Gives Netscape Bug Reporting an 'F'

by Anon

Tuesday July 27th, 1999 6:35 AM

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I am curious about this. First, the author is from Bugnet, an organization that gives annual awards for fixing software bugs. This last year no award was given out because they felt no company had done an adequate job of fixing their bugs. The year before (1997) Adobe go the award.

Now, they rank some of the biggest names in the industry and nearly all get an "f". Yet, Corel which has been hemorraghing money for years gets an "a-". Huh? So the moneymakers get a low grade for not admitting to software bugs and the losers get a good grade? Is there some correlation here? Maybe you shouldn't admit to problems if you want to make money?

Also I can definetely see giving Netscape (not Mozilla - which I didn't see in the whole article) an F. I don't know how many times I have gone to looking for how to overcome/confirm some bug in Communicator only to be thwarted by bad search results (404 results) or poor navigation. Heck, they still haven't updated CSS issues since 4.00 PR3! And this was what, 2.5 years ago?! And it's been moved at least once as I got a 404 error and had to email the webmaster to actually find the piece again. Not exactly encouraging to developers like myself that need that information.

I'll be the first to admit that searching for "bug" is a very questionable mehtod, but I don't see any legitimacy for equating Mozilla to Netscape in that otherwise tawdry article. This looks like a hack piece done by bugnet, which really ruins there reputation in my eyes.

--Luddite (who cannot login to post, but somehow can login and change my user info)