MSNBC Gives Netscape Bug Reporting an 'F'

Monday July 26th, 1999

Ben Gertzfield writes, "Get this -- MSNBC is grading different corporations on how good their public bug-tracking systems are.

And, of course, being a MS-run site, they give Netscape an F because they couldn't find bugzilla.

How sad. Netscape is the ONE corp that's good enough to make all of its bugs totally public AND release their bug-tracking software as open source software, and MSNBC has to pull a stunt like this. See the article link for the exact text."

To find out about the quality of a company's bug reporting system, they do a search on "bug".

#16 More FUD

by Anon

Tuesday July 27th, 1999 12:48 AM

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It is the same type of thing they did with the Mindcraft benchmarking. But... this has a twist. Since Netscape didn't return as many bugs then Netscape must be less buggy therefore a better product. If you look at it like I do. Well some more of M$ marketing comes to play again. What will they come up with next?