New Portal for the Sun/Netscape Alliance

Wednesday July 21st, 1999

Sun and Netscape have named their new alliance - iPlanet - and have a new portal site (based on the my.netscape portal).

Thanks to Peter Fabian for the news.

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by SomeSmartAss

Thursday July 22nd, 1999 11:11 AM

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the i* moniker is no worse than the e-* moniker (e-Zine, e-Business, e-Comerse, e-Trading, e-Crapola ...) that was (and still is) floating around, or the tendancy to stick a "x" in front of all things Linux. And its much better than the "web" and "cyber" monikers. (William Gibson even apologized for inventing the word "cyber") At least there not numbering it with a 2000 or calling it the Millenium portal ... These monikers a pretty much a Marketing "make-work" project...