New Portal for the Sun/Netscape Alliance

Wednesday July 21st, 1999

Sun and Netscape have named their new alliance - iPlanet - and have a new portal site (based on the my.netscape portal).

Thanks to Peter Fabian for the news.

#17 Re: Too many servers

by Anon

Saturday July 24th, 1999 2:18 PM

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Kaoslord writes: "This is Stupid!!! all 3 of those company's have theyr own server software. AOL NEtscape and Sun, ..." To clarify what is going on here:

1. The distinction between Netscape and Sun web servers will be temporary. Sometime in the future the separate Netscape and Sun web servers are going to be replaced by a single iPlanet web server product. (Or a single iPlanet web server product line -- there may be both high-end and low-end versions of the iPlanet web server, just like today the Netscape FastTrack Server is a low-end version of the Netscape Enterprise Server.). We're not going to sell AOLserver at all.

1. You're using the word "server" as if it meant "web server" only. The Sun-Netscape Alliance actually sells a lot more than just web servers, and in fact web servers (as opposed to other types of servers) account for only a small fraction of the Alliance's revenue. (That's why, for example, the popularity of the Apache web server doesn't really affect Alliance business.)

Frank Hecker, <>