New Portal for the Sun/Netscape Alliance

Wednesday July 21st, 1999

Sun and Netscape have named their new alliance - iPlanet - and have a new portal site (based on the my.netscape portal).

Thanks to Peter Fabian for the news.

#14 An opinion from inside the Alliance

by Anon

Friday July 23rd, 1999 1:35 AM

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Apology: I forgot my MozillaZine password, so am posting anonymously. Obligatory disclaimer: I don't speak officially for AOL, Sun, or the Sun-Netscape Alliance; however I do work in the Alliance and have been helping to sell Netscape products for over four years now.

First, to clarify and summarize the new naming scheme: "iPlanet" is the new brand name for the product line of server and e-commerce software, "Sun-Netscape Alliance" is the name for the organization developing, supporting, and selling them. "iPlanet" will the product brand name and logo on the product boxes and ads, but "Sun-Netscape Alliance" will be the name (and logo) on our business cards, and that's how we will be answering our phones. "Netscape" as a brand name will still be in heavy use not only for Communicator/Navigator but also for a number of other products and services from AOL, including Netcenter-related services.

Second, my personal opinion is that it is better to have a new brand name specifically for the server and e-commerce software. The name "Netscape" was and is so heavily identified with the browser client software that it has been difficult to get people to look past the browser and realize that Netscape (the company) had any other products. A sample conversation with a prospective customer, exaggerated but not by much: "Hi, we're here to talk about how you can use our Netscape BuyerXpert software to streamline your internal procurement processes." "Oh, we already use Netscape in this office!") I for one am glad that we created a new brand, and reserved the "Netscape" brand for use with products and services more tied to the client and the web.

Frank Hecker <>