Mozilla Article at LinuxWorld

Wednesday July 21st, 1999

Bergie sent in this news:

"LinuxWorld has posted an article on Mozilla's state. Nothing really new but a good summarization nonetheless. How is Mozilla doing, and what you think about it? Go check the article out and leave your opinion to the discussion forum."

This should generate some interesting feedback.

#9 Linux Mozilla on a Pentium 75.

by Anon

Monday July 26th, 1999 2:51 AM

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No I don't think there's debugging code in the milestones. Rather, its the fact that they haven't tweaked the code. They're slowly doing that, but at the moment they're mainly finishing the feature work and fixing bugs.

I think you can expect ~M12 to start to rock, and surpass N4s speeds. I've been looking at the milestones since even before apprunner existed, and believe me, its come a long way in a short time.