Mozilla Article at LinuxWorld

Wednesday July 21st, 1999

Bergie sent in this news:

"LinuxWorld has posted an article on Mozilla's state. Nothing really new but a good summarization nonetheless. How is Mozilla doing, and what you think about it? Go check the article out and leave your opinion to the discussion forum."

This should generate some interesting feedback.

#5 Mozilla Article at LinuxWorld

by Anon

Thursday July 22nd, 1999 11:25 AM

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"Spaz Boy" here.

You want to have a team of a hundred full-time programmers to sit around on their asses, hopefully waiting for someone else with less time to take a leadership role? Puhlease. At this pt in the development cycle, it makes the most sense for netscape to be leading this effort. Someone has to do it, netscape's willing to and has a ton of $, experience w/browsers, clout, skills, and physical resources.. to suggest that anyone but them take over leadership is crazy, esp. since no one has even stepped forward saying they WANTED to, that I'm aware of anyway.