Mozilla Article at LinuxWorld

Wednesday July 21st, 1999

Bergie sent in this news:

"LinuxWorld has posted an article on Mozilla's state. Nothing really new but a good summarization nonetheless. How is Mozilla doing, and what you think about it? Go check the article out and leave your opinion to the discussion forum."

This should generate some interesting feedback.

#2 Mozilla Article at LinuxWorld

by Anon

Thursday July 22nd, 1999 4:50 AM

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>1.Free the project completely from Netscape/AOL. No direction, control, no contingent funding from them or from any other commercial entity. Sponsorship is fine, but it should be unconditional.


WTF?!!! Basically he's saying "let's take all the programmers who are PAID to work on mozilla, who's daily project it is to work on this," and get rid of them??!! Gee, I wonder what would happen?!

There's a certain point, a threshold that any project has to cross before it appeals to large amounts of open sourcers who have only so much time to offer... and mozilla hasn't gotten there yet. (Namely, it's gotta be at least a beta-quality product so developers can tweak it, fix bugs & add features). It takes a focused, concentrated effort to get to that point, and Netscape's getting it there. These are the tough days when everyone's a naysayer and a critic, and many of those same people will be singing the praises of mozilla once it's near completion... It's all about perception and momentum.

"free the project" from netscape/aol (and incidentally, it is "freed"-- you can work it on your own and fork development any time if you think you can do a better job) and good luck on ever seeing mozilla on any platform. It's not ready for people to take it over, and I don't know that any developers will be as interested in getting it to be as extensible and platform independent as Netscape.

Netscape is doing us all a favor, supplying the tools and hardware to give this thing parity on all the machine... it's very forward looking and I don't mind having these experienced programmers working on it one bit. Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth!

Oh, and what's this about mozilla being developed primarily for win32? Last I looked it was running on quite a few platforms.

Phew that's it.