Mozilla Article at LinuxWorld

Wednesday July 21st, 1999

Bergie sent in this news:

"LinuxWorld has posted an article on Mozilla's state. Nothing really new but a good summarization nonetheless. How is Mozilla doing, and what you think about it? Go check the article out and leave your opinion to the discussion forum."

This should generate some interesting feedback.

#10 Mozilla Article at LinuxWorld

by Anon

Monday July 26th, 1999 3:02 AM

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I have personally seen no indication of "feature creep" whatsoever, in the sense of badly thought out features. They're obviously implementing new features, but they're doing it in a modular way.

For example, the new Network Library, Necko, that is due to replace the old one shortly, looks to be about only half of the size of the old one from the preliminary figures that were posted and is supposedly a better design. And then Gecko replaced the old layout engine a while ago. Netscape's development of Mozilla has in my opinion, been impeccable.

As for the claims that the number of developers working at frantic pace decreases outside development - possibly - but that would be true for any project, regardless of whether the frantic developers are volunteers or paid. It's been said that Mozilla already has more developers than Linux.

But there are a lot of people submitting bugs, patches and commenting on things. One guy over at the MathML newsgroup has supposedly almost got a full implementation complete.

I personally believe that having so many Netscape developers would not stop many people participating. I have always found them very receptive.

What's preventing people participating is

(a) A reasonable quality milestone that they can run on, which we will reach in a couple of months. (b) Negative perceptions of Mozilla, which will likewise shortly disappear. (c) Refined documentation on the product and its interfaces, which will eventually be written.

And no, I'm not a Netscape engineer. =)