Linux Mozilla On Amiga

Wednesday July 21st, 1999

James Russell writes in with information regarding Mozilla on the new Amigas: "...Amiga has announced the NG Amiga MCC (multimedia convergence computer) will have an OS written atop the Linux kernel (and Java2, Jini, C++, and more) and X Windows as a lower-level piece of the new Amiga Workbench (GUI) which Amiga has said they will release back into the Linux open-source environment (yes, the Workbench) for people to improve on.

For this reason, Linux Netscape will run on NG Amiga 'seamlessly', as they put it, and therefore those programming Linuxzilla now are actually programming NG Amigazilla along with it."

Interesting news - it'll be interesting to see how Amiga accomplishes their goal.

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by BigShu

Sunday July 25th, 1999 3:16 PM

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Good. You want an Amiga notebook, that's great. I just don't think it will take off. The world is filled with consumers. Consumers want things they have heard of. Windows is only doing well because "everyone" uses it (it ain't 'cause its the best, that's for sure). I think the Amiga system sounds great, I just don't think it will take off in a consumer marketplace. Brand name is everyting among consumers. Why are Starbucks appearing all across the country and suplanting local stores: name recognition. Apple is working hard to erase their image from the "non-Jobs" years, but consumers have heard of the MacOS. Anything new will take years to even dent the Windows market. I personaly like Mac because it works the way I expect it to; it makes sense to me. Windows drives me nuts I haven't gotten very far using Linux so I use Mac. If someting better comes along I probably will use it. Anyway, regardless of price, iBook will be a hit because so many schools will be purchasing them. Apple has already lined up several colleges/universities and undoubtedly many elementary/high schools will follow. Regardless of how wonderfull the Amiga notebook is, they have an uphill battle to get any kind of name recognition.