Linux Mozilla On Amiga

Wednesday July 21st, 1999

James Russell writes in with information regarding Mozilla on the new Amigas: "...Amiga has announced the NG Amiga MCC (multimedia convergence computer) will have an OS written atop the Linux kernel (and Java2, Jini, C++, and more) and X Windows as a lower-level piece of the new Amiga Workbench (GUI) which Amiga has said they will release back into the Linux open-source environment (yes, the Workbench) for people to improve on.

For this reason, Linux Netscape will run on NG Amiga 'seamlessly', as they put it, and therefore those programming Linuxzilla now are actually programming NG Amigazilla along with it."

Interesting news - it'll be interesting to see how Amiga accomplishes their goal.

#46 ICQ for Java, Netscape 5.0 Linux

by Kovu <>

Friday July 23rd, 1999 5:36 PM

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It's what's in development that's important. Whatever AOL puts out in either Java or Linux will run with hard-ware optimization on this thing--including original Amiga apps. It's beautiful. Another MAJOR reason is DRIVERS. Not just the above apps. Amiga looks at this industry filled with people starting to develop for Linux and that industry said "QNX? Swell, get in line there, right behind Windows, Linux, and Mac. We'll get to you eventually." They looked at this list of specialized hardware we have spent tons of money--perfectly good CD-Writers, SCSI HDs, $500 monitors, and said, okay, two choices, convince everyone to drop all that money and buy our stuff for more (proprietary hardware costs more, it takes a lot for one company to be able to meet a heavy demand at a low price -- like Gateway) or we can sift through this list of stuff and see what works.

The answer was everything but motherboards/processors, graphics chips and sound cards. What's this crap with one joystick button, and you have to buy a nice card to get that ONE joystick port! So, in today's world, you have to buy a $400 vid card for reasonable supremity, $200 sound cards for a digital I/O, and an $800 processor. This represents the bloat of the PC world today, and these are the standard prices for "the latest thing," be it the Soundblaster Live! replaced by the 864 the next day, a processor that will drop in value by like 2/3 in six months, a 300 mhz today and a 333 tomorrow, and yet (and why is iMac is back at 300 mhz, or is the G3 that much more supreme (hey, you never know; the Commodore Amiga uses it now, and the G4 when it comes out)?)

Anyhow, Amiga intends to reduce that inefficiency to the price of one motherboard that will work with all existing equipment. Since the whole industry is writing drivers for the Linux kernel, by its release in November Amiga will be compatible with everything. You may not think Corel is important but I disagree. In the PC industry there is MS Office and there is WordPerfect and those are really the two most known names. The WP Office 2000 will be a great name to help Amiga into recognizeable software--just to start. ICQ for Java will run on it, AOL must be working on Linux stuff, OpenGL is being written into Linux by SGI now, I just think a $5-600 machine optimized to run Linux, Java, Amiga stuff (old and new). And it can't take too long to emulate Windows. It doesn't need to be as complicated as MS has made it. I hope it comes out embarassingly fast, if it does come out. A guru friend of mine said it would still crash anyway, but maybe it would be like 10MB.