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Wednesday July 21st, 1999

James Russell writes in with information regarding Mozilla on the new Amigas: "...Amiga has announced the NG Amiga MCC (multimedia convergence computer) will have an OS written atop the Linux kernel (and Java2, Jini, C++, and more) and X Windows as a lower-level piece of the new Amiga Workbench (GUI) which Amiga has said they will release back into the Linux open-source environment (yes, the Workbench) for people to improve on.

For this reason, Linux Netscape will run on NG Amiga 'seamlessly', as they put it, and therefore those programming Linuxzilla now are actually programming NG Amigazilla along with it."

Interesting news - it'll be interesting to see how Amiga accomplishes their goal.

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by Kovu <>

Thursday July 22nd, 1999 8:56 PM

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"computer in the world." They meant it :) Also, they said that the processor must be able to run original Amiga software in addition to Linux. Check this part of a post from <> "Many have died bringing you this information. Actually, thanks to scholboy for sending me this. It's as much information about Transmeta that I think exists in one place. If I told you where I got it, I'd have to kill you. Anyway, here goes:

Dave Ditzel is the boss. Remember the name. He hired Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux. It will be the first truly software-upgradeable CPU. This is why they are so secretive (who wants Intel jumping on the bandwagon?). There would be no need to make new silicon to add the equivalent of MMX, SSE, etc., . Torvalds is behind the emulation/translator aspect - x86, etc., . Linux is at the top of the list of firmware optimisations (hence the AmigaMMC kernel is as well). The die-size is around a quarter of a Pentium 3. There will be a need for a large amount of flash-RAM (16Mb). Power consumption is 4W. No further details here. Good for laptops/portables. IBM have been hired to fabricate it (possibly at 0.18micron size). Clock speed begins at around 500Mhz. Ditzel is associated with Elbrus International, who are designing a chip starting at 1.2GHz

That's all I know. I have probably broken several trade-secrets acts here, but seeing as I don't work for any of the companies, I don't care. Ha! Anyway, it's here only because of all the talk at Amiga Insight. Whether it's true or not, we'll find out this weekend." Whether we actually find out Transmeta's specs this weekend is unknown, but yowza, yowza!