Linux Mozilla On Amiga

Wednesday July 21st, 1999

James Russell writes in with information regarding Mozilla on the new Amigas: "...Amiga has announced the NG Amiga MCC (multimedia convergence computer) will have an OS written atop the Linux kernel (and Java2, Jini, C++, and more) and X Windows as a lower-level piece of the new Amiga Workbench (GUI) which Amiga has said they will release back into the Linux open-source environment (yes, the Workbench) for people to improve on.

For this reason, Linux Netscape will run on NG Amiga 'seamlessly', as they put it, and therefore those programming Linuxzilla now are actually programming NG Amigazilla along with it."

Interesting news - it'll be interesting to see how Amiga accomplishes their goal.

#38 I just don't see it.

by Anon

Thursday July 22nd, 1999 7:13 PM

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You forget one thing: The original Amigas weren't cheap either. They still sold very well, because some people always value quality and style over cost (which is also why the iMac has been doing so well, allthough the Mac and Amiga philosophies have been quite different)

When I bought my last Amiga, I could have gotten a PC with a faster CPU for half the price. I still preferred the Amiga because it had a clean design, and an OS that was efficient enough to more than offset the differences in CPU power.

I'd buy an Amiga again anytime if they manage to release a system that is as nice as the original Amiga. I'm a PC owner now, but I still HATE x86 hardware. I use it because of speed and price, and lack of a nice, widespread platform. An Amiga that can run Linux programs alongside the Amiga specific programs would be heaven.