Linux Mozilla On Amiga

Wednesday July 21st, 1999

James Russell writes in with information regarding Mozilla on the new Amigas: "...Amiga has announced the NG Amiga MCC (multimedia convergence computer) will have an OS written atop the Linux kernel (and Java2, Jini, C++, and more) and X Windows as a lower-level piece of the new Amiga Workbench (GUI) which Amiga has said they will release back into the Linux open-source environment (yes, the Workbench) for people to improve on.

For this reason, Linux Netscape will run on NG Amiga 'seamlessly', as they put it, and therefore those programming Linuxzilla now are actually programming NG Amigazilla along with it."

Interesting news - it'll be interesting to see how Amiga accomplishes their goal.

#1 Common structures

by BehrQattz <>

Wednesday July 21st, 1999 9:17 AM

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This is interesting news in many ways. I'm quite intrigued by the idea of multiple OS's based on common and open underlying structures, such as Linux and FreeBSD. Varying OS's based on requirements of task is the way the market needs to move. However, applications available across all OS's are very important, and have been a stumbling block in the past. A common underlying base will virtually eliminate this issue.

Having said that, cheers to Amiga.