WSP on "Why Standards are Important"

Saturday July 17th, 1999

Stephan Nedregaard writes in with this news:

"The Web Standards Project is currently working on a 'Why standards are important' FAQ.

An outline can be seen here."

#3 Just my 2c

by Anon

Sunday July 18th, 1999 12:14 AM

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This is going to be kinda nitpicky, but the language is kinda dry, more like a W3C standards text than a friendly document intended for newbies who don't know what standards are or what they're for...

Is this something that your average man-on-the-street web user is supposed to be able to read and understand? I would think so, as the idea of standards is more familiar to those "in the know". If indeed this is intended for mom & dad types to get an idea of what the W3C is for and what standards are, maybe the tone could be loosened up slightly, throw in a background color, etc. so it doesn't look so much like a technical document?

Otherwise it's great and I don't have any real complaints. Would it be appropriate to include information about which browsers are currently compliant and where to find complaint browsers for a particular platform?