Full Article Attached HTML 4.0 longdesc Attribute and Accessibility

Friday July 16th, 1999

Joe Clark and Aaron Doust are looking for feedback on various ways of displaying long, alternative text descriptions of images (including the HTML 4.0 "longdesc" attribute). They have a few test cases that they'd like people to test and give feedback on. Click "Full Article" below for Joe's writeup.

#3 Image comments

by Anon

Saturday July 17th, 1999 11:39 AM

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Well, if you are taking any and all comments:

Don't most image formats support internal comments themselves? How about extracting this info for those with accessibility issues. It could be an option or something ("Extract detailed image comments"). This info could be presented in a number of ways, according to how the page was being accessed. Of course, *this* would require that the people making the images actually *add* comments to their images, which is basically the same problem as trying to get people to add comments to their HTML (via ALT attribs).

my 2 cents, Aaron (a.k.a. I'm-Too-Lazy-To-Log-In-Why-Isn't-A-Cookie-Saved)