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Friday July 16th, 1999

M8 is now up on the FTP site. Get it while it's hot! Versions for Linux, Mac, Windows, and Beos are available.

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#29 Bug Reports

by Cynic

Friday July 16th, 1999 2:16 PM

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Briefly scanning through these last few TalkBacks, I see lots of people with bugs to report. Do it at -- it takes FIVE MINUTES of your time, literally, and the bug is fixed within weeks if not days of a report.

So report thine bugs, people.

Also, how to config the proxy:

1. ERASE your mozregistry.dat file from the windows directory.

2. Start up apprunner, you should get a nice install screen that wants you to set up a profile. Set up a profile wherever it wants you to.

3. NOW go find the directory where your profile has been set up, and find the prefs50.js file, replace it with a prefs50.js that has your proxy settings in it.

I don't guarantee this to work with M8, but it worked on the last nightly I downloaded (~a week ago, my connection has lagged since then).

Happy surfing, Mozillans!