Update on Animation Contest

Thursday July 15th, 1999

I have a brief update regarding the animation contest. First the prizes have been awarded. Thanks to for the generous donations, and the work of Mitchell Baker.

  • Klaus Malorny of Germany - first place, $150 equiv. gift certificate to

  • Marc Stoecker and Phil Moliner of Germany - second place, $100 equiv. gift certificate to

  • Tomi Sarvela of Finland - third place, $55 equiv. gift certificate to

We are working on getting the gallery up, and hope to have a means of adding the throbbers to your own Mozilla sometime soon. We also hope to get the new animation into the nightly builds before M9.

(Updated): Also, Richard Hess of the BeZilla team has created two animation.dat files for Unix users of Communicator. Here's a screenshot of it in place in the browser. One contains a 32x32 and a 28x28 image, and the other a 32x32 and a 16x16 image. Each has been tested on Irix systems, but should work on other Unix systems as well. They can be found in this directory at Richard's website.

#9 Getting the animation.dat to work

by sdm

Thursday July 15th, 1999 11:42 PM

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I noticed this too - I was lazy and put the config line in a file, then made `netscape` a shell script, which said:

cat ~/.netscape/configfile >> ~/.netscape/preferences.js netscape $*

well, atleast it works. Also, if you point your browser to about:mozilla, it changes the animation to the flaming lizard animation. Sadly, I had to change my startup page...