Update on Animation Contest

Thursday July 15th, 1999

I have a brief update regarding the animation contest. First the prizes have been awarded. Thanks to for the generous donations, and the work of Mitchell Baker.

  • Klaus Malorny of Germany - first place, $150 equiv. gift certificate to

  • Marc Stoecker and Phil Moliner of Germany - second place, $100 equiv. gift certificate to

  • Tomi Sarvela of Finland - third place, $55 equiv. gift certificate to

We are working on getting the gallery up, and hope to have a means of adding the throbbers to your own Mozilla sometime soon. We also hope to get the new animation into the nightly builds before M9.

(Updated): Also, Richard Hess of the BeZilla team has created two animation.dat files for Unix users of Communicator. Here's a screenshot of it in place in the browser. One contains a 32x32 and a 28x28 image, and the other a 32x32 and a 16x16 image. Each has been tested on Irix systems, but should work on other Unix systems as well. They can be found in this directory at Richard's website.

#8 Getting the animation.dat to work

by bergie

Thursday July 15th, 1999 11:22 PM

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As someone Anon already pointed out, you can get the animation to work by adding the following line to your preferences.js

config("x_animation_file", "/home/bergie/.netscape/animation.dat");

(Change the path to point to where ever your animation.dat is located.)

This works for me, at least, although for some reason Communicator erases the row from preferences.js on exit (any ideas on how to fix this behaviour?).

You can also find other ways to customize your netscape 4.5+ at <http://developer.netscape…uals/deploymt/jsprefs.htm>