Official Gecko Logo

Wednesday July 14th, 1999

Marc-André Descôteaux has interesting news, by way of the NeoPlanet website. He writes, "...I was looking at the pages on the NeoPlanet website when I came across a logo I had never seen: the official Netscape Gecko logo..."

Things I like: the overall shape, the feet (they give the logo a fractal-like quality). Things I'm on the fence about: the head looks like it belongs on a phallus more than a gecko. Things I'd rather they throw into the dustbin of history: the please-lord-make-it-stop Netscape blue.

What do you think?

#23 Official Gecko Logo

by Anon

Thursday July 15th, 1999 1:46 PM

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The logo isn't that bad. There have truly been worse ones out there. To bad though that as soon as Netplanet is used to switch over to the Gecko engine it locks up. I so much want to get rid of the e.