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Wednesday July 14th, 1999

Marc-André Descôteaux has interesting news, by way of the NeoPlanet website. He writes, "...I was looking at the pages on the NeoPlanet website when I came across a logo I had never seen: the official Netscape Gecko logo..."

Things I like: the overall shape, the feet (they give the logo a fractal-like quality). Things I'm on the fence about: the head looks like it belongs on a phallus more than a gecko. Things I'd rather they throw into the dustbin of history: the please-lord-make-it-stop Netscape blue.

What do you think?

#17 Official Gecko Logo

by PhiSch

Thursday July 15th, 1999 2:15 AM

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I like the logo, too. But I must agree, that it is too IE like. It doesen't matter when it was created 'caust all Window$ Users know the blue "e" logo; I think making the Logo Netscape green would be great.

...::: the PhiSch :::...

BTW: Great job and Thanx too all who worked on M7! I love it and already use it as my default browser!