Official Gecko Logo

Wednesday July 14th, 1999

Marc-André Descôteaux has interesting news, by way of the NeoPlanet website. He writes, "...I was looking at the pages on the NeoPlanet website when I came across a logo I had never seen: the official Netscape Gecko logo..."

Things I like: the overall shape, the feet (they give the logo a fractal-like quality). Things I'm on the fence about: the head looks like it belongs on a phallus more than a gecko. Things I'd rather they throw into the dustbin of history: the please-lord-make-it-stop Netscape blue.

What do you think?

#1 Official Gecko Logo

by zontar

Wednesday July 14th, 1999 10:49 AM

I dunno, I kinda like it. Besides, anything's better than having that damned "e" everywhere... ;-)

#2 Gecko NOW!

by sdm

Wednesday July 14th, 1999 10:52 AM

You're right, the blue is just so, blah. But a phallus? hmm, sometimes a lizard is ... just a lizard.

#3 hmmm

by Anon

Wednesday July 14th, 1999 12:13 PM

made me think of suse there for a minute. not bad, though. i'd go with a suse green, though. ooooohhhh - how about taking the curve created by the tail, making it more of a circle, and animating it as a phase-shifting moon inside the curve? sounds like a cool activity ticker to me.

#4 Kinda like OpenGL

by Anon

Wednesday July 14th, 1999 12:20 PM

The shape is so-so, but the color is about as grim as the OpenGL logo (

#19 Kinda like OpenGL

by Anon

Thursday July 15th, 1999 4:49 AM

The logo is very much like OpenGL. The arc touching the O, the colors and all.

#5 logo

by Anon

Wednesday July 14th, 1999 12:26 PM

i like it

#11 logo

by Tanyel

Wednesday July 14th, 1999 2:15 PM

Me too. I think it's kinda cute.

#17 Official Gecko Logo

by PhiSch

Thursday July 15th, 1999 2:15 AM

I like the logo, too. But I must agree, that it is too IE like. It doesen't matter when it was created 'caust all Window$ Users know the blue "e" logo; I think making the Logo Netscape green would be great.

...::: the PhiSch :::...

BTW: Great job and Thanx too all who worked on M7! I love it and already use it as my default browser!

#6 Official Gecko Logo

by sine

Wednesday July 14th, 1999 12:33 PM

That's a really neat logo, but it could've been stylized. I like the use of flat color, though - friendly for silkscreening, which means I can buy a tshirt with the gecko on it.

#7 Official Gecko Logo

by sdm

Wednesday July 14th, 1999 1:20 PM

I wonder if the t-shirt will have the Netscape legal disclamer on it too. That'd be cool.

#8 Logo designed by BLKMRKT

by Anon

Wednesday July 14th, 1999 2:05 PM

The Gecko logo has been on the BLKMRKT.COM website for quite a while. BLKMRKT also designed the original Mozilla - Free the Lizard poster/shirt. See and click Netscape.

#10 Moz/Gecko shirts available?

by Anon

Wednesday July 14th, 1999 2:10 PM

Which reminds me: Does anyone know how to obtain a shirt with one of these logos? I've been trying to find an original Mozilla shirt (like they gave away at the 1998 party) for a considerable time, found a lot of references to its existence (such as the BugAthon3000), but never stumbled upon an order form or something... :(

#9 Official Gecko Logo

by devinjones

Wednesday July 14th, 1999 2:06 PM

If you change the color to purple-ish brown(?), the shape is perfect for an O'Reilly book on Gecko.

#12 Netscape Gecko

by BehrQattz

Wednesday July 14th, 1999 2:23 PM

Very cool. And I kind of like the Netscape Blue. Much better than, say, flourescent orange. ;-)

#13 Official Gecko Logo

by Anon

Wednesday July 14th, 1999 2:30 PM

Yeah I can see the Julia Set in the feet. May=be I should take some more drugs.

No if it was an Escher-esque lizard then we'd have story.

#14 Nice logo, shame about the colour

by thelem

Wednesday July 14th, 1999 2:40 PM

I am sorry, but that colour is too similar to the 'e' colour in IE. Why isn't it Netscape green?

It looks familiar, I think there was a more lizzard like version as a throbber.

BTW why isn't this thread in

#15 Chemlon

by Anon

Wednesday July 14th, 1999 7:39 PM

its lookes like Chemlon borwser.

#16 Official Gecko Logo

by Tekhir

Wednesday July 14th, 1999 8:17 PM

Just remember this Nescape set its color scheme way before IE picked the blue e.

#18 Easter Egg

by jeffbhav

Thursday July 15th, 1999 3:16 AM

Nice logo... how about a easter egg..the gecko sticking it's tongue out and swallowing the 'e' ?

#20 Looks like Aztec/Mayan Style Art

by Anon

Thursday July 15th, 1999 7:03 AM

I kind of like it as well. Looks to me like Aztec/Mayan style lizard. Or maybe polynesian.

#25 Looks like Aztec/Mayan Style Art

by arielb

Friday July 16th, 1999 5:08 AM

it looks like a gecko to me :)

#21 Official Gecko Logo

by Anon

Thursday July 15th, 1999 11:33 AM

Thanks to all for the generally positive feedback! FYI, this will be the official Netscape Gecko logo. It is intended for use by products which embed Gecko and wish to signify this. Neoplanet 5.0 obviously qualifies. Its use is completely voluntary, of course; products which embed Gecko are not required to use it. [This should go without saying, as Gecko is MPLed, but lest anyone worry, I wanted to point that out.]

A while back, I solicited input on mozilla.layout about how developers would like to use a logo and what their needs in a logo licensing program are. Defining the user-friendly self-service logo licensing program has been on the back burner for a while, so there's still time to email me your needs in a logo licensing program.

Like the name "Gecko," the logo itself is a Netscape trademark, and its reuse will be authorized under the TBD logo licensing agreement. Hence the legal disclaimer on the Neoplanet page as a gentle reminder that the logo shouldn't be copied and pasted all over the web (or onto toilet paper, cereal boxes, or dog food) without permission.

Since we don't have the logo licensing agreement finished yet, I'll authorize use by products that embed Gecko on a case-by-case basis in the meantime. If you have a products that embeds Gecko and wish to use the logo, just email me.

Participants in the BugAThon can expect to see the logo showing up on their T-shirts and launch party invitations.

Happy hacking!

Eric Krock Gecko PM

#23 Official Gecko Logo

by Anon

Thursday July 15th, 1999 1:46 PM

The logo isn't that bad. There have truly been worse ones out there. To bad though that as soon as Netplanet is used to switch over to the Gecko engine it locks up. I so much want to get rid of the e.

#27 Official Gecko Logo

by kerz

Saturday July 17th, 1999 9:15 AM

Are you saying there will be authorized toilet paper with this on it then? Where can I find that?

#22 Beautiful!

by Cynic

Thursday July 15th, 1999 12:59 PM

It's fantastic! I love it. Somehow I don't think people would confuse this with IE, maybe because this is in the shape of a ... gecko.

And the head is not phallic ... heheh try reading THAT out of context. I don't know about the fractal feet, it stretches the imagination a bit.

Someone turn this into a throbber!

-=Yusuf=-, gazing at the Lizard

#24 gecko logo

by Anon

Thursday July 15th, 1999 4:34 PM

It looks ok. But, just like some of the others said. ANYTHING is better than the E

#26 Official Gecko Logo

by Anon

Friday July 16th, 1999 10:55 PM

Could've used this BEFORE the animation contest..