New Poll!!

Thursday July 8th, 1999

That's right. You didn't think it was ever gonna happen (I had my doubts as well). This poll was requested by people at It's for Linux users only - they're trying to get an idea of which distributions are used. If you don't see yours listed, respond in the poll's forum.

#2 I use Mandrake 6.0 (Venus)

by bmetzler <>

Thursday July 8th, 1999 8:24 PM

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Actually, I use Mandrake 6.0 (Venus) but I put RedHat 6.0 as my choice in the poll. It's close enough but maybe you should add Mandrake as an option.

Actually, I also have RedHat6.0 and SuSE 6.1. RedHat, IMHO was really bad, I was disappointed. I tried SuSE 6.1, but it had so much stuff it was overwelming. So I went back to Mandrake where it had only the stuff I was interested in :-)

Actually, I'm also interested in Debian and Slackware, but I only have old copies of those, and have gotten copies of the latest images yet.

Brent Metzler