Communicator to Ship with Mac OS X

Thursday July 8th, 1999

Waldo has this great news for Macintosh Mozilla users. Waldo writes, "According to MacOSRumors, 'OS X is expected to ship with at least one Web browser (Internet Explorer if Microsoft ports it, Communicator 5 for certain, as well as a trial version of OmniWeb 3.0 quite likely)'.

Cool! Mozilla shipping w/every new Mac 'for certain'. I like it!"

#41 Communicator to Ship with Mac OS X

by FrodoB

Wednesday July 14th, 1999 4:07 PM

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Yes and no. AltiVec itself wouldn't really speed up much in Moz (it accelerates graphics stuff the most, and so theoretically the JPG, GIF, and PNG code could be optimized somewhat for it but not substantially [think MMX speedup]) unless Moz had a big graphic component (like a VRML viewer). AltiVec will REALLY rule in things like Photoshop, increasing rendering speeds by a factor of about 16.