Communicator to Ship with Mac OS X

Thursday July 8th, 1999

Waldo has this great news for Macintosh Mozilla users. Waldo writes, "According to MacOSRumors, 'OS X is expected to ship with at least one Web browser (Internet Explorer if Microsoft ports it, Communicator 5 for certain, as well as a trial version of OmniWeb 3.0 quite likely)'.

Cool! Mozilla shipping w/every new Mac 'for certain'. I like it!"

#31 Communicator to Ship with Mac OS X

by BehrQattz <>

Sunday July 11th, 1999 11:31 AM

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As preposterous as MS Office 2000 is in size, over-functionality, and price, Office is dead on every platform as far as I'm concerned. The lousy thing is over twice the price of Corel WP Suite 2000 or Lotus SmartSuite Millenium. Suuuure... no monopoly pricing THERE!