Communicator to Ship with Mac OS X

Thursday July 8th, 1999

Waldo has this great news for Macintosh Mozilla users. Waldo writes, "According to MacOSRumors, 'OS X is expected to ship with at least one Web browser (Internet Explorer if Microsoft ports it, Communicator 5 for certain, as well as a trial version of OmniWeb 3.0 quite likely)'.

Cool! Mozilla shipping w/every new Mac 'for certain'. I like it!"

#28 Communicator to Ship with Mac OS X

by SomeSmartAss

Saturday July 10th, 1999 7:17 PM

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OK, they weren't dropped... but when the person your litigating against is also the person fronting a wad o' dough to satabilize your company, you're not going to bleed him dry in settlements (undisclosed or otherwise)

Effectively, the lawsuits were thrown out with the agreement.