Communicator to Ship with Mac OS X

Thursday July 8th, 1999

Waldo has this great news for Macintosh Mozilla users. Waldo writes, "According to MacOSRumors, 'OS X is expected to ship with at least one Web browser (Internet Explorer if Microsoft ports it, Communicator 5 for certain, as well as a trial version of OmniWeb 3.0 quite likely)'.

Cool! Mozilla shipping w/every new Mac 'for certain'. I like it!"

#19 Communicator to Ship with Mac OS X

by mozillaBob <>

Saturday July 10th, 1999 3:56 AM

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The deal as I remember wasn't really a true "bundling" deal. If I remember correctly IE and Nav/Comm have always been avalible to install. IE just became the default, so if you did a standard install it gave you MSIE. I think however that anyone who was knowledgeable enough or determined enough to use a custom install so the whole thing would be moot...