New Project - Managing 3rd Party Add-ins

Thursday July 8th, 1999

Ben Goodger is working on a new project for Mozilla that will aid in the management of third-party UI addins. Ben writes:

"Anticipating a large number of third party add-ins after Mozilla is released, I've come up with a way of presenting them so they can be accessed quickly without occupying lots of toolbar buttons or menu items. The idea revolves around a customisable popup menubutton on the toolbar. A full description of the idea (with some screenshots) is available at the webpage I put up"

#4 New Project - Managing 3rd Party Add-ins

by Ben_Goodger

Friday July 9th, 1999 2:27 PM

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<i>so that as new methods are developed, and tested for robustness/security</i> The update idea is quite good. I'll watch and see how Mozilla handles security of chrome packages, whatever I do will probably have to be derived from that.

As for the menu commands, etc :- yes it would be nice to add generic menu items to the add-ins category, and AFAIK there shouldnt be anything stopping such an eventuality, or the same process in reverse.