New Project - Managing 3rd Party Add-ins

Thursday July 8th, 1999

Ben Goodger is working on a new project for Mozilla that will aid in the management of third-party UI addins. Ben writes:

"Anticipating a large number of third party add-ins after Mozilla is released, I've come up with a way of presenting them so they can be accessed quickly without occupying lots of toolbar buttons or menu items. The idea revolves around a customisable popup menubutton on the toolbar. A full description of the idea (with some screenshots) is available at the webpage I put up"

#2 New Project - Managing 3rd Party Add-ins

by Ben_Goodger

Thursday July 8th, 1999 10:37 PM

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well yes, I'm working on something now (I've had to put my menu hacks on hold until the popup content mechanism is a little more finished), I was saying that from the standpoint that a mechanism such as I want it is probably a little too quirky for the final release (hard to explain). The ability to read all manner of forms would just be added flexibility so that even if someone designed an add-on to their own specification, the VAB (Value Added Button ;) should be able to figure out what it does, and add it to the menu.