RaptorCanvas Project Picked Up By Sun

Wednesday July 7th, 1999

Edward J. Burns of Sun has some good news on the RaptorCanvas project (embedding Gecko in Java).

Edward writes, "On April 25th, it was reported here that Kirk Baker successfully embedded the raptor layout system into a Java Application and called it RaptorCanvas. Today, I am happy to report that Kirk and Ian are collaborating with a team in the Java Software organization from Sun Microsystems to contribute this work to The team at Sun is a part of the Netscape-Sun alliance and is working on the RaptorCanvas project and other projects aimed at more smoothly integrating the Java platform with mozilla. At present, no schedule information is available, but Sun and Netscape are in talks to explore exactly how and where to make the work available. The current plan is to make the core RaptorCanvas code available under the NPL."

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by wheezy

Thursday July 8th, 1999 11:02 AM

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Well, I don't know anything about the Amiga coming back (maybe I need to keep more up to date on my obsessive Slashdot monitoring) but it is certainly a Good Thing that Gecko is being interfaced to Java. While it unfortunately doesn't mean that Gecko will be portable to a wider number of platforms (since the engine itself is native code, as mentioned by woudt) it does mean another "language binding" if you can call it that, to Gecko. And more language bindings mean wider use. And wider use means further world domination... Unfortunately, the scope of world domination may be limited, since I can't think of any direct corellation between more "mozilla cousins" and smaller IE market share, but whatever, it's cool anyway.