MyNetscape Working in Latest Builds

Tuesday July 6th, 1999

Asa Dotzler has some good news for those of you who use MyNetscape:

"The build from the fifth [of July] is the first one that I've been able to use to access myNetscape. The preference setting for start-up page also seems to function (crashed me when I set it but worked fine on next startup) so I set myNetscape as my start-up page. This is a big deal for me (and some others I'm sure) because I use myNetscape all the time and it was the one feature missing that was keeping me off of SeaMonkey."

If you are a MyNetscape user, give it a try. Visit the ftp site and get the latest build for your platform.

#5 Seamonkey worked before MyNetscape Changed

by asa <>

Thursday July 8th, 1999 5:30 PM

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Spoil-Sport: Yes, myNetscape did change. Mozilla, however, was reading myNetscape several days before the changes to the site.