Clearing Up Mozilla's Status

Friday July 2nd, 1999

David Polberger has some good news from people who were dismayed by comments from Alan Baratz of Sun regarding Mozilla's future.

David writes, "... just posted this news item to its main page [click the link to read the full text of the comment]:

"...Our contributors and staff are responsible for the management of all browser development. As a major contributor, AOL completely supports our efforts... We would like to stress that Sun was not speaking for or for AOL."

This is good news. I got the impression that Alan B. was speaking for himself more than any official position. Anyway, I thought that Sun was only responsible for Netscape's server efforts, not their client efforts...

#6 Re:Clearing Up Mozilla's Status

by locka <>

Tuesday July 6th, 1999 6:35 AM

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The thing to ask anyone who says Mozilla is a failure, is how many people do you think contributed to Gnome/Gimp/Linux/KDE/Emacs/Gcc while they were in the alpha phase?

The answer of course is a handful of people at most. But things change.

As Mozilla becomes more stable, more useful and more feature complete, so the number of developers and testers increases.

In other words, it is a snowball effect.

Even at this early stage, I have heard it said that there are already 35 external developers actively contributing to Mozilla (myself included). By late beta this is likely to increase to several hundred with tens of thousands others building the source and running Mozilla for themselves.

And by the time 1.0 arrives, every Linux release, magazine CD and countless web and FTP sites will have Mozilla and/or Netscape Communicator 5.0 available for people to install. At that time _millions_ of people will be using it, with thousands of developers and web site authors writing code, skins or content for it.

So Mozilla is far from a failure. It is a success in the making.