Clearing Up Mozilla's Status

Friday July 2nd, 1999

David Polberger has some good news from people who were dismayed by comments from Alan Baratz of Sun regarding Mozilla's future.

David writes, "... just posted this news item to its main page [click the link to read the full text of the comment]:

"...Our contributors and staff are responsible for the management of all browser development. As a major contributor, AOL completely supports our efforts... We would like to stress that Sun was not speaking for or for AOL."

This is good news. I got the impression that Alan B. was speaking for himself more than any official position. Anyway, I thought that Sun was only responsible for Netscape's server efforts, not their client efforts...

#3 Has Berst heard of this yet?

by Cynic

Monday July 5th, 1999 5:12 PM

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...and we can probably expect to see Jesse Berst send out a "Berst Alert" proclaiming doom and gloom for Mozilla.Org, kind of like a monkey with electrodes in his brain. You provide the stimulus, and Chimp-boy reacts with arrogant assumptions.

But enough of that. The *good* thing here is that we all did a reality check, went over the NPL and MozPL and saw that there is no way in hell that the source can be retracted. And THAT is a good thing, that this issue has been gotten out of the way before even version 1.0 of Mozilla (5.0 of Netscape).

-=Yusuf=-, drinking from the half-full glass.