MozillaZine Is Now Active!

Thursday September 17th, 1998

That's right, you should now be able to reach us at our new home,! However, due to a major fiber cut in Fredericksburg, MD, it may be impossible to reach that site at all, without a lot of heartache. In fact, if you've had trouble reaching this site, that's the reason. So, hold out hope. We'll soon be back to normal, although it's 9 hours later and the problem still isn't fixed! So, trudge on over to and update your bookmarks. If you can't reach (if your nameserver hasn't received the new info yet), leave a message in the talkback for this article.

Thanks, all... see ya on the other side!


#1 Is Now Active!

by blov

Friday May 21st, 1999 9:58 PM

just checking