Necko Status

Thursday July 1st, 1999

Necko, the new netlib module, is making it in the builds. At this point, it can only be enabled via an environment variable at build time (NECKO=1 on Windows, the --enable-necko configure flag in Linux). This only works for Linux and Windows; Mac is coming soon.

Necko, according to its webpage, is "... tailored toward a component-based client and is well suited to an open source environment where individuals can contribute new custom functionality to augment the core kernel implementation." Also, "...the pluggable nature of this architecture allows for custom (platform dependent) implementations to be substituted for the XP reference implementations provided within the netlib kernel."

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Wednesday July 7th, 1999 10:17 AM

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Anon, I first saw Necko wafer packages at my college's bookstore during my freshman year in '93 - Until then, I never knew they existed. I noticed the old fashioned styled label and wrapping on them, making me wonder if they were made to look like that or if they've just been sitting there for years. (I knew how bad the campus bookstore was with stock rotation! =)