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Thursday July 1st, 1999

Thanks to everyone who entered, and everyone that voted. The winner is Klaus Malorny of Germany, with this animation:

Klaus also won second place (see update below), followed by Marc Stoecker and Phil Moliner's entry in third, and Tomi Sarvela in fourth place. We will soon have prize information up, as well as a gallery of all animations for public viewing.

Again, thanks to all for their participation! We have some other contest ideas that we are mulling over, and we'll have information for you soon...

UPDATE: Well, incredibly (but not surprisingly), while attempting to turn off the voting mechanism, I managed to completely wipe out the vote. However, we did have the winners already decided, so I don't feel *too* bad (just dumb). On another note, Klaus Malorny, the winner of both first and second places in the contest, has generously offered to give up the second-place prize, so the second-place winner is now Marc Stoecker and Phil Moliner, with Tomi Sarvela in third.

UPDATE (2): Edwin Woudt of the Grendel (Java Mail/News) team managed to pull the results page from his cache. A few results came in after the contest closed (I think there were 958 total), but the final result is the same. Click "Full Article" below to see them.

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by Dotan

Tuesday July 6th, 1999 2:12 AM

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Yeah, the crawling Gecko rocked. It was a cute repetitive animation that didn't try to be a 30 frame feature, wasn't tied into any chrome scheme and wouldn't get on your nerves after an hour of looking at it.

KM's designs were nice (I preferred the star, his 2nd-place entry), but too tied to the chrome scheme IMHO.

The "yellow m / stompin' dino" & the "Mozilla that ate the world" were also nice, but they look more like trailer than throbber material. The "yellow m" & the Gecko probably made the best use of the limited palette.

The throbbers with Mozilla marching past the city skyline were hypnotic, but gave me motion sickness.

Anyway, congratulations to the winners. I bow in humility before everyone who had the courage and skill to participate.