New Bug Reporting Template

Tuesday June 29th, 1999

Jan Leger of Mozilla's QA group has good news for those of you who feel threatened by the whole bug reporting process.

Jan writes, "QA needs help getting better bugs in to the developers. We are spending many hours trying to get all the info needed to ensure optimal time spent by the engineers on fixing the bugs, not tracking down the bugs.

Don't have time to read the Bug Writing Guidelines? Then, please cut/paste this simple Bug Template, fill all info in, and off we go!

Please help us help you fix the bugs! Go Mozilla!"

#3 Problems with websites...

by Anon

Thursday July 22nd, 1999 12:47 PM

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Using M8, when I go to <>, I get a hole mess of 'dot-black' messages in between almost every single link, and the right hand end of the text and cut off making articles hard to read and understand.

When going to <>, the window on the right looks fine, but the one on the left is all positioned and sized incorrectly.

At <>, his regular text comes out all underlined and looks all like one huge link, if it weren't for the links being a different color.

Uh...that's about it for now