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Monday June 28th, 1999

Adam Lock sent in a press release from Javasoft that goes into a little more detail regarding the state of Java in Communicator 5.0. Sun's Java will use OJI - which means that it has been componentized, and can be replaced by a different JRT at any time. Also, the JRT that will ship with Communicator will apparently be 45% smaller than their current Java2 runtime.

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by asa <>

Tuesday July 6th, 1999 6:45 AM

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I don't think that is currently possible. Sun's JAVA is not going to be an integral part of the mozilla project. Mozilla will have the OJI (open java interface) that will allow a user to 'plug-in' his or her favorite JAVA implimentation. SUn's JAVA will, we hope, cooperate with this OJI. Anyone who can explain this better or correct any errors I've made, please do.