Full Article Attached The Gecko BugAThon 300 Starts!

Monday June 28th, 1999

Help Mozilla and win prizes! Many bugs in the bugzilla database are suffering from blank status lines, and need to be resolved to the simplest possible test case. When the coders have to do this themselves, it prevents them from using their time to fix the bug. So, is giving away prizes to people who clean up these bugs by providing "simplest test cases".

The complete rules for the contest can be found by clicking "Full Article" below. Prizes given away by include invitations to the Gecko launch party, Gecko stuffed animals, and autographed Gecko T-Shirts.

So, get cracking, and clean up those bugs!

#7 Re:The Gecko BugAThon 300 Starts!

by dbaron <>

Monday June 28th, 1999 4:22 PM

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Having spent a bit of time looking through kipp's and karnaze's bugs in the past, I think karnaze's bugs are probably most in need of this work (I haven't looked at the bugs of the other two much, though). More of kipp's bugs are already simplifed than karnaze's, I think. Simplifing many of karnaze's bugs is hard work, because many of them are "Page X is messed up" where Page X uses incredibly complicated tables-for-layout. But it's also very important work - somebody needs to do it (more than one person, too). Simplifying these bugs is not as easy as most others.

BTW, does five bugs qualify one as a "serious bug reporter"? I've submitted 243 so far. :-)