Communicator Now Available In 23 Languages

Sunday June 27th, 1999

Arielb writes, "Netscape [is now] available in 23 languages (US English, UK English, French, German, Japanese, Danish, Chinese - Simplified, Chinese - Traditional, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, Polish, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Turkish and Slovenian)."

Check out the press release.

I think this number will be going up drastically after Mozilla is released. I know that Thai and Catalan localization projects are currently ongoing. If you have info on others, please let us know in Talkback.

#9 Cool, or trivial?

by Anon

Monday June 28th, 1999 3:41 PM

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Really, this shouldn't be that exciting. Previous versions of Communicator (for Unix, anyway) had a `' file, which you could edit at will to put Communicator into any language/dialect/slang you liked.

The only thing this new `functionality' [barf] does is to make it easier for LOTE (Language Other Than English) users to get to localized versions of Netscape or Netscape-sponsoring Web sites: Netcenter, My Netscape, or sites which pay Netscape for Internet Keywords. None of which I use anyway, and I would think I represent the great majority in that regard.

Oh well. CÚ la vie. Kia kaha.

-- mpt

P.S.: All those who thought that that `Mozilla Services' proposal a few items ago was a good idea, *please* go back and read my rebuttal of it before you start coding/advocating it. Thanks.