Netscape in the News

Tuesday September 15th, 1998

George Giannukos writes in with a link to an article at discussing the latest pre-release of Communicator 4.5.

George correctly points out that the reporters fail to mention that many of these new features can be disabled -- a lack of exculpatory evidence which leaves the story decidedly one-sided.

I'll leave it to you, dear reader, to draw any parallels to current events. Me? I'm keeping my mouth shut!

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by Jason Kersey <>

Wednesday September 16th, 1998 4:38 PM

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This is an excellent point. We here not only know how to adjust prefs, we are making new one for 5.0. It is a good thing to remember that most users don't even change their startup page let alone be messing with "Active Desktop Integration Settings" or other prefs. The majority of the users I see still have an AOL IMer message come up every time asking them if they would like to try it and still have the default buttons on the Personal toolbar. This is a key thing to remember. It is still a minority of people who know what they are doing as far as configuring software. While the prefs ARE one of the easiest to configure, I've talked to users who can't even find their prefrences. This must be kept in mind while discussing this.

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