Netscape in the News

Tuesday September 15th, 1998

George Giannukos writes in with a link to an article at discussing the latest pre-release of Communicator 4.5.

George correctly points out that the reporters fail to mention that many of these new features can be disabled -- a lack of exculpatory evidence which leaves the story decidedly one-sided.

I'll leave it to you, dear reader, to draw any parallels to current events. Me? I'm keeping my mouth shut!

#3 Re:Netscape in the News

by George Giannukos <>

Wednesday September 16th, 1998 3:15 PM

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True Netscape should send people to <> if they type scripting but the fact of the matter is the only people that effects are people who type just 'scripting' to goto <>

Netscape isn't stealing readers? How would netscape stealing readers? What's happening is the people that just typed scripting are now going to have to type the full address. I see this more as a bug than Netscape being greedy, but thats just me...

email Netscape and tell them to fix this bug...

i have also noticed when i type 'news' in the location bar it takes me nowhare. So i have to type the full address (<>) which becomes a pain...