Mozilla M7 is Out

Tuesday June 22nd, 1999

John Thacker writes, "M7 builds are on the ftp server, although not reported on the web pages."

Also check out the release notes and get the tarball if you're interested in the source (the source code is not yet at the ftp server, but that's where it's supposed to go).

#29 Re:Mozilla M7 is Out

by zontar

Thursday June 24th, 1999 12:28 PM

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Lookin' good... I see the status bar is hooked up now... nice to be able to see where links lead to...

JS support is much improved, in particular document.write() seems to be working 100% or close to it now.

The importation of a new bookmark(s).htm(l) file is now working for me in Win95 -- however, I recommend that, rather than trying to use a complete copy of your existing Netscape bookmarks, you edit one down in size considerably... when I tried to use mine (~150K), it took about 5 minutes for Moz to boot up, and it ran slower than molasses. I am now using a cut-down version that's about 25K and it's working great. :-)

Only negative thing I have to say is that the functioning of the arrow and pgUp/pgDn keys, fixed in M6, is now messed up again -- you pretty much have to use the mouse to move around in a page.

Moz continues to rock. :-)

BTW, thanks for the tip about the fav.ico exploit -- our logs aren't (supposed to be) accessible, but I'll make an icon and stick it up there, just in case.