Mozilla M7 is Out

Tuesday June 22nd, 1999

John Thacker writes, "M7 builds are on the ftp server, although not reported on the web pages."

Also check out the release notes and get the tarball if you're interested in the source (the source code is not yet at the ftp server, but that's where it's supposed to go).

#26 Favicon.ico "security risk"

by Anon

Thursday June 24th, 1999 2:47 AM

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Curious about the mention of the IE5 "security bug" related to the IE-only site icon, I dug up this: <http://lists.essential.or…random-bits/msg00071.html> Essentially, the point is that since IE5 makes requests for a known file (favicon.ico) each time you add a site to your favorites in IE5, this request will show up in web site access logs, so you can use this as a search term to find sites which expose their access logs on the web. The point is, the security risk to your site only exists if you publish your access log, which is a generally silly thing to do, both for security and business reasons.

Cheers, Dotan.