Mozilla M7 is Out

Tuesday June 22nd, 1999

John Thacker writes, "M7 builds are on the ftp server, although not reported on the web pages."

Also check out the release notes and get the tarball if you're interested in the source (the source code is not yet at the ftp server, but that's where it's supposed to go).

#14 Re:Mozilla M7 is Out

by Anon

Wednesday June 23rd, 1999 6:42 PM

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Ok, I'm kind of peeved... I just loaded MozillaZine with IE5 and what do I see? MozillaZine has an IE5 icon! I'm not talking about the merits of this features, but it strikes me as kind of unsettling that MozillaZine has an IE5-specific feature. I'm getting M7 as I type this and it better have the icon capability or else...