PNG in Mozilla Chrome

Tuesday June 22nd, 1999

Last week, Dawn Endico of managed to get PNG files working in Mozilla's chrome. Here's what Dawn had to say about it:

"Some people have recently expressed an interest in seeing PNG images used in the chrome. Over the weekend I tried this out with a linux nightly build from Friday (build #1999060717) and it worked great. I saw no difference between the png images and the normal gif images. (An attempt to do this with the m6 build drew vertical lines through the images.) The png files took up about 80K less disk space than the gifs.

Feel free to test drive this on other platforms.

I converted the png files with gif2png.

A screenshot.

A tarball of the res and chrome directories that contain all the png files and edited xul, css and html files where png is substituted for gif."

#1 Re:PNG in Mozilla Chrome

by Anon

Tuesday June 22nd, 1999 7:01 AM

So is the PNG transparency level (alpha channel) supported in the chrome?


#2 Re:PNG in Mozilla Chrome

by Anon

Tuesday June 22nd, 1999 3:45 PM

...and progressive display?

#3 Re:PNG in Mozilla Chrome

by petejc

Tuesday June 22nd, 1999 7:51 PM

If only I can get pngs and jpgs working on my FreeBSD builds.



#4 Re:PNG in Mozilla Chrome

by thelem

Wednesday June 23rd, 1999 11:45 AM

Progressive display? Like with Progressive JPEGs?

This shouldn't be a problem for the CHROME.