Bezilla Nears M7

Monday June 21st, 1999

So, you wanna see how the BeOS port is progressing? Well, this screenshot says it all. Addressbook, Messenger, Flash panels - they're making really impressive progress.

Thanks to arielb and Zeljko Blace for the news

#8 Re:Bezilla Nears M7

by arielb

Tuesday June 22nd, 1999 10:41 AM

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Duncan Wilcox is paid by Be Inc to work on this project. That's why it's making good progress. But BeZilla also needs more volunteers. If you really want a good alternative to Windows 98 then give BeOS a try and help submit BeZilla bugs once this gets in the tree.

As far as ports to Eniac-no. But someone is porting to OpenVMS