M7 and Animation Contest News

Sunday June 20th, 1999

We have a bit of news regarding Milestone 7 and the Animation Contest, and since they're related, I decided to post them together in the same news item.

First, Milestone 7 is just around the corner. Tekhir writes, "The tree for M7 has been closed and the first nightly build for M8 has appeared on the Mozilla server."

Due to some problems that apprunner was having with the previous default home page, they decided to make the default page for Milestone 7. You may have noticed this if you picked up a nightly build over the past few days. You may have also noticed that I have halved the # of articles that display on the front page. This is to help alleviate any bandwidth issues that might occur when Milestone 7 is released.

How does this affect the Animation Contest? Well, the contest's vote page will contain 16 animated GIFs. If the vote comes during M7's release, it could cause serious bandwidth problems. So, to calm the flow a little bit I've decided to hold off the vote until a day or two after Milestone 7's release. This should occur in the next few days, so we're hoping to get the vote started by the end of the week.

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by Anon

Saturday June 26th, 1999 4:41 AM

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truly an amazing thread, as k3 points out. and he didn't even mention the t-shirt how to's and site hosting details!

so, i had to go see the evil logo for myself, and i have to admit, it's pretty hilarious. please allow me to indulge in some interpretation here:

did someone ask/suggest that there might be some "communist overtones" and that they might be "strong"? um, is there *anything* in the design that *isn't* communist poster art?! hello?

well, actually (and importantly!) yes, of course there is. one thing and one thing only...the absurdly grinning reptile. seems like a lot of things could be going on here, all at the same time, and all pretty funny. ok, party member...i.e., attendee of the first year anniversary party, as mozineAdmin pointed out above. but this is very clever: this amusing aspect of "party member" is very context specific. if you don't know about the mozilla bash, you think of a monolithic state political geek bash vs. stodgy politicos, all in the same phrase. but of course there's more...who's the party? at one level, of course, the party (as represented by the heroic/mindless characters on the logo) and its flag are microsoft/cathedral/proprietary/business world. the grinning zilla peeking through the star is the new power to be, the mozilla/bazaar/open-source/hacker world. that is certainly a central myth (in the good sense of the word) for most of computerdom. but of course that would conflict with the fact that the t-shirt wearer is a "party member." (or would it? is the logo accusing the wearer or the looker?) or would it? jwz's comments ominously suggest that netscape(/aol?) has become something reminiscent of a bloated communist state agency. is the logo supposed to make mozilla workers/party attenders nervous? forcing them to ask themselves: "have we become functionaries in a bloated and decrepit organization?" in this case, the star with the grinning lizard is the north star, the guiding point…the revolutionary absurdity that mozilla is supposed to aim for.

so mozilla will be a revolution. revolutions require and create heroes. communist poster art (and other war-poster art) were/are designed to inspire heroism and personal sacrifice. the coder as the new cultural hero. the geek hero. hurrah! capitalism never inspired anyone to do anything other than make money for her/himself. communism at least purported to ask more in hopes of achieving more. for those who have never lived under communism, communist art will always look like the art of calling for more, for revolting against the idiocies and atrocities and inequities <> that emerge from capitalism. how sadly ironic that the revolution institutionalized itself and turned itself into a different flavor of that which it revolted against. this is the sad irony of the socialist-realist aesthetic for those of us in the west, it simultaneously reminds us of the need for revolt and of the 20 million killed under stalin. 20 million killed. can any of us even *begin* to wrap our heads around that?

anything that adopts this aesthetic cannot escape that irony. revolution begets bureaucracy which begets revolt and so on and so on.

you are offended by this logo? which of the millions of possible readings offends you?

come on, puhlease.

...oh... it looks like m7 finally finished downloading! whoopee. i didn't know mozilla was really usable by non-coders until i stumbled into mozillaZine. i can't wait to try it!

i would love to get a hold of one of those t-shirts, too, damn! furthermore, were there t-shirts from the first party? i loved the logo on the web-page invite to that bash.

i found out about the mozilla project on the day of that party, and there was nothing more in the world that i wanted at that moment than to be there. the mozilla site directed me to "the cathedral and the bazaar" <…ritings/cathedral-bazaar/> and nothing's really been the same since. i'm an open-source newbie and i can't get enough. i'm embarking on python and thinking web applications in zope <> . wish me luck.

and for those in this thread asking "what is communism?", here is a handy site: "the world socialist website" <> . just so you don't think i'm a true believer: i discovered it when i was following python and xml links, and i stopped by "scripting news" (jun 18th listing) <> , which led me to wired's article about "the worker's web" <…/culture/story/20292.html> . some of the stuff at the ws website is a little too canned for my taste, but some of it provides a really good counterspin to the stuff we hear most of the time.

to the designer of the shirt logo...good luck and thanks. i hope you eventually see my interpretation of your logo. i have no idea whether anything i said has any connection to what you were thinking when you made it, but hey... ;)