M7 and Animation Contest News

Sunday June 20th, 1999

We have a bit of news regarding Milestone 7 and the Animation Contest, and since they're related, I decided to post them together in the same news item.

First, Milestone 7 is just around the corner. Tekhir writes, "The tree for M7 has been closed and the first nightly build for M8 has appeared on the Mozilla server."

Due to some problems that apprunner was having with the previous default home page, they decided to make the default page for Milestone 7. You may have noticed this if you picked up a nightly build over the past few days. You may have also noticed that I have halved the # of articles that display on the front page. This is to help alleviate any bandwidth issues that might occur when Milestone 7 is released.

How does this affect the Animation Contest? Well, the contest's vote page will contain 16 animated GIFs. If the vote comes during M7's release, it could cause serious bandwidth problems. So, to calm the flow a little bit I've decided to hold off the vote until a day or two after Milestone 7's release. This should occur in the next few days, so we're hoping to get the vote started by the end of the week.

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by mozineAdmin

Tuesday June 22nd, 1999 5:21 AM

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Actually, it is suspect only because you want it to be so. Why you are even interested is beyond me.

Of course bandwidth is not an issue financially - if that were the only problem, I would just pay for it. However, when I told my provider about the pending M7 release, he was concerned enough that he asked me to tell him when the release occurs so he can monitor the situation. It's quite possible that there will be no issues whatsoever - but why cause people grief when some simple planning can avoid any problems completely? And why would I compound the problem?

The fact is that there are many other websites hosted on the same machine as mozillaZine, and many more are on different machines using the same pipes, and out of respect for them I don't want to bring down the server or clog up the pipe to the point where the other sites lag (or are unreachable). The fact is, I don't know what kind of bandwidth we'll use up when we get 4x the maximum hits we *ever got* (when we were Slashdotted). We're expecting - according to - that when M7 is released we'll get 20x our average daily hits.

I *want* the increase in hits - I want people checking out mozillaZine, and I think does to, otherwise they wouldn't have asked if mozillazine could be the default home page. However, I don't want to cause trouble to the *many* other sites that host with my provider. Sometimes, fresh, people do things not because they have to, but because they feel a responsibility to. And if you find *that* motive suspect, well, then, there's nothing more I can say.

On another note, mozillaZine had nothing to do with the creation of the shirts for (nor the art, for that matter) - that was their own project. You'll have to bring the question of printing more shirts directly with them.