First Public Release of Casbah

Friday June 18th, 1999

Asa Dotzler has for us information on an interesting Open Source project, with a lot of potential uses. Not related to Mozilla, but still interesting. Asa writes, "An interesting project called Casbah has just delivered the first public release of the Casbah Web appliation framework. It is an open source project that looks pretty cool. Give the website a look."

#1 Re: First Public Release of Casbah

by basic

Saturday June 19th, 1999 11:18 PM


>an experimental version of Linux >which used XML for all its >configuration files and stored >them in Coptic, like the registry >in NT, >but human readable and human >editable

#2 Any plain English FAQ (for non-programmers likew)

by Anon

Monday June 21st, 1999 3:27 AM

Is there ?